A pizza slice a day keeps sadness away

Aspiring pizza chefs and bakers, business owners, one to one or small groups.

Aspiring pizza chefs and bakers can learn skills in pizza making and in baking bread or other baked products while grasping key strategies of running a business in the pizza industry. Learn from experts in the market and test yourself the quality of products you can deliver to your customers or future customers.

Our professional baking classes and pizza making courses are focused in providing you with the needed wealth of skills to run or to develop your own business. Our internationally accredited pizza chef will guide you through different styles of pizza dough and breads using sourdough, wood fired ovens and electric or convection ovens. Students who choose to undertake a professional baking course or pizza making class at In Cucina Cooking Academy will be prepared in a short time to run their own business and specially to produce high quality products. We go straight to the point by showing you how to make perfect pizza and delicious bread and we make you practice until you reach the desired results.


  • Duration: 6h
  • When: Professional Courses can organized Monday to Friday only from 9:00am to 5:00pm


** Attention ** The price is intended for all 6 hours for 1-6 people.

For larger groups please contact us directly