The perfect way to celebrate a birthday party, a hen’s or bucks event, anniversaries or everything which deserves to be celebrated!

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    What you will get:

    • An immersive cooking experience.
    • A personalized class.
    • Premium quality local ingredients.
    • Your team will get to create dishes individually or in a group and share them all together.
    • Laminated recipes for all participants.
    • Our team will make sure to organize a successful experience for you.
    • We will offer you special surprises for birthdays or similar events.

    General informations:

    • The cooking class followed by the eating session usually runs for 3 hours. As classes are completely personalized, the time requested may be different.
    • We can run sessions Monday to Friday during the morning or afternoon. We give enough flexibility for the time planning considering our availability.
    • We can follow a standard class menu, we can mix classes together or create a new one for you. It is ideal to send us an enquiry to evaluate your project a minimum of 8-10 weeks before, to give us the time to plan the best experience possible.
    • We may be able to offer special dietary, please leave us a note when you enquire.
    • Enjoy your left over back at home with family and friends.